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Regulated Used Vehicle Tyres and Rubber Disposal and Recycling

Used vehicle tyres are complicated to recycle thanks to their composition of steel, textile and rubber mixtures with traces of oil and other chemicals present

Therefore, the disposal of used tyres at facilities such as at recycling centres and at landfill sited in Wiltshire and throughout the UK is highly regulated since it is a legal requirement to take a duty of care when you are disposing of used vehicle tyres.

At Wiltshire Plastics UK Ltd, we recognised how difficult it had become to dispose of used vehicle tyres without a licence and so we invested in plant and equipment to bale used vehicle tyres and other waste rubber products.

When it comes to used vehicle tyre disposal for tyre shops and garages, you can trust us to help you dispose of your used vehicle tyres as efficiently and as environmentally safe as possible.

We provide you with a waste transfer note for your records which testifies you are compliant with regulations for your clearance of your used vehicle tyres.

Please call us on 01373 825613 for all your used vehicle tyre collection and disposal requirements.

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